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Transit is a key issue for Metro Vancouver. Transit affects you – whether you drive, bus, bike or walk – and a comprehensive, effective transit system is vital to moving our region. Transit benefits the economic, environmental and social health of our region. Building more roads to address congestion will not reduce congestion! To deal with congestion, our region needs transit, cycling and walking routes to support us getting out of our cars!

All evidence demonstrates that providing effective public transit options results in people switching from their cars to public transit. Even if it wouldn't benefit someone personally, they still see the benefit from having less cars on the road.

One million people are moving to our region in the next 30 years. We need to address how people will get around or face an ever more congested region.

That is why voting yes in the upcoming transit referendum is so vital, and why the KSA has decided to take an active part in ensuring people have the opportunity to vote to Move Our Cities forward.

Vote Yes for Better Transit

The Facts

Starting March 16, 2015, ballots will be mailed out to all registered voters in Metro Vancouver, allowing people to vote on whether to improve our transit system.

Your ballot, and what improvements the region will receive, looks like this:

2015 Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum Ballot

Because this is a mail in ballot, only those registered to vote will receive ballots, so make sure you're registered to vote!

To ensure you are registered to vote, visit or call Elections BC at 1.800.661.8683 by May 15, 2015.


The Mayors Council is an organization made up of all of the Mayors of the Lower Mainland. They are the ones who are proposing the referendum question, and their website is a well laid out, informative tool to give you all of the in depth information on what improvements the referendum will bring.

New to transportation issues in Metro Vancouver? Check out these 10 fast facts:

Moving in a Livable Region is a consortium of businesses, organizations, local governments, and transportation leaders working together to create a long-term sustainable funding regime for transportation in the Metro Vancouver region. They are a great resource for more information about transportation in Metro Vancouver and they host great events to talk about transportation.

Get On Board is a non-partisan coalition from Metro Vancouver working to create a cleaner, safer and smarter transportation system by making transit a top priority for all levels of government. They have resources and materials on their website.

Visit Elections BC to confirm your registration or receive information on how to vote:

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