FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The MultiPass?

The KSA MultiPass is the U-Pass BC transit program with additional services that helps KPU students to live a healthy and environmentally-responsible lifestyle. While the U-Pass BC program is available to all universities, the MultiPass program is specific to KPU students because we recognize that KPU faces different challenges.

Some of the services that the MultiPass program currently provides are:

  • Direct shuttles between Kwantlen campuses
  • Discounted Steve Nash Memberships
  • car2go car sharing program
  • Bicycle lockers on each campus
  • WaterFillz stations on each campus


Can I Opt Out?

No. The MultiPass, like the U-Pass BC at other schools, is a universal pass. This means that participation is mandatory for all students. There are very limited exemptions, so almost no one will be excluded. Having all students participate in the program is like a bulk-buy program. It makes it possible to provide the program at a significant discount.

If you have valid reasons and request an exemption, please visit KPU's website at www.kpu.ca/upass to check your eligibility, or if you would like to apply for KSA's hardship bursary, please go to our "MultiPass Hardship Bursary" page under the "More Info" tab on the MultiPass website.


How Much Will Your MultiPass Cost?

The MultiPass is a total of $51.00/month for a wide range services, which includes the U-Pass BC. The U-Pass BC is a mandatory universal transit pass for $41.00/month and provides you with full transit access that can save you at least $40.00/month in comparison to a full transit pass. The rest of the MultiPass fee is $10/month, which gets you lots of services and large discounts on items like Steve Nash memberships.

1 Zone Monthly Pass – Regular Price $91.00 – MultiPass Price $51.00 – Cost Savings $40.00 – Savings Per Semester $160.00

2 Zone Monthly Pass – Regular Price $124.00 – MultiPass Price $51.00 – Cost Savings $73.00 – Savings Per Semester $292.00

3 Zone Monthly Pass – Regular Price $170.00 – MultiPass Price $51.00 – Cost Savings $119.00 – Savings Per Semester $476.00

2 Month Fitness World Membership – Regular Price $70.00 – MultiPass Price $10.00 – Cost Savings $60.00 – Savings Per Semester $60.00

4 Month Fitness World Membership – Regular Price $140.00 – MultiPass Price $20.00 – Cost Savings $120.00 – Savings Per Semester $120.00

4 Month Sports Club Membership – Regular Price $200.00 – MultiPass Price $80.00 – Cost Savings $120.00 – Savings Per Semester $120.00


How Can I Pick Up My U-Pass BC Card?

U-Pass BC is a benefit that can be electronically loaded onto a Compass Card. To use the U-Pass BC benefit, students will have to first purchase a Compass Card at an available retailer. A list of retailers can be found here.

Once students have their Compass Card in hand, they will have to visit upassbc.translink.ca to link and load their U-Pass BC benefit on a monthly basis. For more information, please visit the U-Pass BC page on our website.

The U-Pass expire at the end of each month. You'll need to make sure that you load the next month's U-Pass before it expires. The next month's U-Pass will be available to load on the 16th of each month. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the benefit to load onto your Compass Card, so please make sure to load our next month's benefit before the month starts! Any changes to this schedule will be posted in advance on the MultiPass website.


What Happens If I Lose My U-Pass?

Lost Compass Cards will have to be purchased ($6 refundable deposit) from the following locations:

  • online at compasscard.ca
  • Compass Vending Machines at select Skytrain stop locations
  • Compass Card retailer
  • select London Drugs locations
  • by calling 604.398.2042
  • Compass Customer Service Centre: Stadium-Chinatown Station

For a list of all retailers, please click here.

To load your U-Pass BC benefit onto your new Compass Card, students will need to log into upassbc.translink.ca, and unlink their U-Pass BC benefit from the lost Compass Card. With your new Compass Card in hand, students can link their new Compass Card, and request their month's pass!

If you're looking for a lanyard or a card holder so you won't lose your Compass Card, come stop by the KSA MultiPass office!


What Will Happen With My U-Pass When The Compass Card Is In Effect?

The Compass Card has been available to all students as of May 2015. With the Compass Card, students no longer need to pick up their U-Pass on campus each month. Once you pick up your Compass Card from from a Compass Card retailer, students need to go online to load their U-Pass BC onto their Compass Card each month. This can be done online at upassbc.translink.ca.

More information about the Compass Card and U-Pass BC is available at www.translink.ca/compasscard.


What If I Bought The Wrong Fitness Pass?

All Steve Nash fitness passes are non-refundable and not exchangeable. Before you purchase your pass, please double check which pass is right for you. At each of the Member Services offices, you will find a map of all Steve Nash locations, or check the "MultiPass Fitness Services" tab on the MultiPass website.


What Happens If I Lose My Fitness Pass?

If you have not activated your Steve Nash fitness pass, lost passes can be replaced at a fee of 50% of the paid value. To replace your pass, email us at multipass@kusa.ca with your name, phone number, type of pass you lost and your situation. For more details, go to the "MultiPass Fitness Services" tab on the MultiPass website.

If you have activated your Steve Nash fitness pass, you will have to go to one of the Steve Nash locations to replace the lost card. Unfortunately, once activated, the membership card is no longer replaceable by the KSA.

The KSA MultiPass office only has a limited number of replacement passes available, and thus we cannot guarantee a replacement pass to everyone. Please ensure that you treat your passes as real monetary value.


Why Should I Have To Pay For A MultiPass If I Don't Use Public Transit?

The KSA recognizes that not all students use public transit, and that transit service may be limited in some communities. The MultiPass aims to provide value in the pass for all students by providing shuttle services between campuses for direct travel between campuses. We offer a car share program, where Kwantlen campuses are the only place allowed for car to be picked up or dropped off. Our fitness program provides huge discounts only available for MultiPass holders.

Aside from all these services that will be available to all students, increased use of public transit benefits everyone. When more students ride the bus to school, there is less traffic, less pressure on parking facilities, less pollution being produced, and more efficient use of taxpayer funded transportation services. Everyone wins with those benefits, even people who continue to drive.


U-Pass Tax Returns

Students that have been assessed a MultiPass fee (which the U-Pass fee is a part of) are eligible for the Federal Tax Credit for Public Transit. When filing your taxes, you will be asked to include a receipt of your U-Pass payments. You can illustrate this in two ways:
(1) your T2202A form will show that the UPass was a part of your tuition payment, and
(2) printing out your account summary as a receipt for the U-Pass.
Your account summary will show all the charges you have paid for.

If you have more questions or need help, please feel free to email us at multipass@kusa.ca or call us at 604.599.2343.


Where Can I Get More Information?

Call the MultiPass office at 604.599.2343, or send us your questions, concerns and suggestions to multipass@kusa.ca.

For more information about the U-Pass BC program and exemptions, please check out KPU's website at www.kpu.ca/upass or email at upass@kpu.ca.

TransLink and the other schools we are working with also have U-Pass information on their websites.


How Can I Help?

Talk with your friends about the KSA MultiPass. A portion of our program relies on word of mouth, so help us spread the word and let your friends know about our services! If you have any suggestions, questions or new ideas on how we can improve, we welcome your help! So feel free to message us at multipass@kusa.ca, or stop by our offices and tell us what you think.

Together we will be able to create a MultiPass that you will truly be able to call your own!