U-Pass BC

The Compass Card is here at KPU!

KPU has made a full transition to the Compass Card! Wave goodbye to paper
U-Passes and say hello to a whole new transit experience. With the Compass Card in hand, you'll simply load your U-Pass BC online onto your Compass Card each month instead of visiting the Bookstore.

Getting a Compass Card

To use your U-Pass BC benefit, students will need to purchase a Compass Card first! Compass cards can be bought for a $6 refundable deposit at the following locations:

  • online at compasscard.ca
  • Compass Vending Machines at select Skytrain stop locations
  • Compass Card retailer
  • select London Drugs locations
  • by calling 604.398.2042
  • Compass Customer Service Centre: Stadium-Chinatown Station

For a list of all retailers, please click here.

Please note that students with the initial release Compass Cards will not have to purchase a new Compass Card. They work the same, we just waived the $6 deposit!

Loading your U-Pass BC onto your Compass Card

With your Compass Card in hand, visit upassbc.translink.ca to link your U-Pass to your Compass Card. Then, after the 16th of each following month, you'll be able to request your U-Pass BC benefit online, and it will automatically be loaded onto your Compass Card. Please keep in mind that it could take up to 24 hours to load. For more details, check out this step by step guide to your Compass Card!

Got your Compass Card?

Check out the top 10 Compass Card tips for U-Pass BC students!

Lost your Compass Card?

Lost your Compass Card? No problem!

Step 1. Visit upassbc.translink.ca to unlink your U-Pass BC benefit from your lost Compass Card.

Step 2. Purchase a new Compass Card ($6 refundable deposit) at any of the locations listed here.

Step 3. Visit upassbc.translink.ca to link your U-Pass BC benefit to your new Compass Card, and request your month's pass!

What is Stored Value?

Some retailers may sell stored value with the $6 refundable deposit Compass Cards. Stored value is just like having cash on your card. Students that have a U-Pass BC benefit loaded to their card will not need stored value on their Compass Card. But, it's always handy in case you get stuck without your monthly pass! When you pay for transit fares with stored value, you get a discount over cash fares.

Having Difficulty?

Don't know who to contact about your Compass Card? Check out some of the resources below:

Eligibility – If you are having difficulty with your eligibility for your U-Pass BC (or your MultiPass / U-Pass fees), please contact upass@kpu.ca.

Compass Card – If you are having difficulty with the upassbc.translink.ca website, the Compass Card itself, or are unsure of how the system works, please check out askcompass.ca for the answers to many common questions!

If you have a question that hasn't been answered, please feel free to email us at multipass@kusa.ca.



U-Pass BC Agreement (March 31, 2013)

U-Pass BC is a program offered to all public post-secondary schools in Metro Vancouver by TransLink and the provincial government. All eligible students at participating schools are included in the program. It provides unlimited access to public transit within the TransLink service region for $41.00/month. Go wherever TransLink goes, whenever you want. It is included in your KSA MultiPass.

See the U-Pass Program Details page for information on eligibility and the very limited opt-out criteria.

The U-Pass exemption process is handled by the University. Applications can be made online at www.kpu.ca/upass by selecting "MultiPass Exemption Application" from the menu. Students are required to re-apply for an exemption each semester.

KPU is accepting exemption applications for Fall 2019. The application deadline for Fall 2019 will be Monday, September 9, 2019.

For students studying in non-semester based programs, such as Trades programs, KPU accepts applications on an ongoing basis. A student's application deadline is the second Friday after their first day of course(s).

If you have other questions about the process, or need to check the status of your exemption, you may contact the University by email at upass@kpu.ca.


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