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The Peer Support Program is a partnership between the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) and Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) that offers students one-on-one peer support, and referrals to various Kwantlen and community resources. Students are invited to seek the support they need, and will have the opportunity to talk about challenges they may be facing. The primary goal of the Peer Support Program is to enhance the social, emotional, and academic experiences of students at KPU. Its secondary goals are to promote wellness within the university community and to enhance student-to-student support. Peer Support aims to improve the range and diversity of options available to students struggling with mental health issues as well as those who may be overwhelmed or distressed.

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Under Our Blue Umbrella:
Outreach Project

Under Our Blue Umbrella is the product of an outreach project brought to you by David Murray and Anisha Gardiner in partnership with the Peer Support Program at KPU. David and Anisha were assigned the task of completing this project In Jocelyn Lymburner's Advanced Topics of Psychopathology Class (Psyc 3350). The aim of this project is to educate the public on an area of mental illness by working alongside a local organization. Specifically, Under Our Blue Umbrella is intended to explain and educate the KPU community about depression. It is important that depression is recognized and understood by this particular community due to its prevalence amongst and effects upon university students. A significant component of this project is the knowledge quiz where the intention is to demonstrate that the community may carry a degree of misunderstanding of depression that subsequently contributes to existing stigma around it. The goal of this initiative is to de-mystify common stereotypes so that the stigma surrounding people living with depression is not perpetuated. Instead, it is hoped that the KPU community will become more informed about depression and learn about its prevalence, symptoms, and effects, as well as coping strategies.

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Under Our Blue Umbrella

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Please check out Version 2 of the Peer Support Program Self Care Book, and our new Stop, Drop, and Roll and Food for Thought resource booklets!

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