Student Rights Centre


Attending a university requires you to have a certain level of knowledge and set of skills that you may have never before had the opportunity to acquire. In order to participate fully in and benefit from a university environment, you must know how to maneuver through the rules, regulations, policies, and paperwork involved in being a university student. Sometimes an inability to understand the university system and maneuver within it becomes overwhelming and frustrating. That is why students need an advocate – someone who has a thorough knowledge of the University and is on their side.

The student rights program assists students involved in conflicts with administration and faculty – specifically financial and academic conflicts. If you are encountering a problem or if you need guidance or explanation of the University's policies and procedures, we are here to help.

If you are suspected of committing an offense, or if you think you need to file a complaint against an instructor, university official or a student:

Document in full details what has occurred. Write down the date(s), time(s), exact location, person(s) involved, and what was said and done by everyone involved. Contact the Advocacy Coordinator immediately.

As KSA Advocates, we:

►   Act as a non-judgmental and confidential support system for you during any conflict with the University
►   Explain to you the procedures and regulations of the university and your rights and responsibilities as a student
►   Put effort into making sure your rights are being upheld by the University's administration and faculty members
►   Provide you with any resources that will allow you to ensure that your rights are upheld and connect you with appropriate faculty and or staff
►   Assist in the preparation of appeal forms and letters
►   Discuss possible courses of action, assist you in creating a suitable plan of action, and provide information on the appeal mechanisms that relate to your case
►   Assist you in filling out your Student Loan Application Form and Student Loan appeals
►   Provide you with information on current Student Loan Programs, Scholarships and Grants
►   Mediate issues of University-based loan approval and repayment, as well as student fee disputes

Please be advised:

While we will gladly prepare you for any academic hearings as well as accompany, support, and advise you through such hearings, we cannot and will not act as your lawyer. We cannot, under the rulings of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, formally represent you in any proceedings with the faculty or administration. The Advocacy Coordinator doesn't necessarily "fix" students' problems, but we will educate you and guide you through the University system so that you get the best possible outcome.