Student Rights Centre


Our advocacy services extend to the entire student population of all four KPU campuses. Please allow for two working days after submitting a request for advocacy to hear a response. Be advised that your application will need to be approved before it is accepted as a suitable case (i.e. a case in which your rights are not being upheld to full account by the University). You will be notified in the event that your case does not meet our test for suitability. The advocacy program would prefer an electronic submission. However, you may email or call 604.599.2126 to arrange an appointment in person on campus, or over Skype.

Who are the KSA advocates?

Kari Michaels – Records and Advocacy Coordinator

John O'Brian – Cloverdale and Advocacy Coordinator

Office Hours

Surrey Campus
Tuesdays | 10am – 4pm
Wednesdays | 10am – 4pm
Thursdays | 10am – 4pm
Fridays | 10am – 4pm