Sustainable KSA


Sustainable KSA supports projects and programming at the KSA to reduce the impact of operations and events, and engage students on sustainability topics. Sustainable KSA provides research, materials, and assistance to help achieve a triple bottom line sustainability mindset within the KPU community.


A paradigm that considers the environmental, social and economic factors of human activities working under the premise that we are only borrowers of the earth from future generations and we must leave enough for future generations.

The KSA has a Sustainability Policy that guides what we do as an organization. Check it out here!

How is the KSA more sustainable?

►   Waste audit of the GrassRoots Cafe
►   Fair Trade tea and coffee at the GrassRoots
►   MultiPass bike lockers with free rentals
►   REBOOT computer repair service
►   Car2Go car sharing discounts
►   WaterFillz machines
►   Office plants to improve the air quality and ambience of our offices
►   Battery and cellphone recycling
►   Hosting events like ecoDAYS and Move Out

Recipe of the Week

As part of something fun at the KSA, we're having a new recipe each week! Watch here for new recipes, blog posts and photos from students who have made it at home!

What can you do?

Save some dough:

Visit the GrassRoots Cafe with your reusable mug and save $0.25 on your hot beverage.

Drink Up:

Use your reusable water bottle at the on campus WaterFillz Machines for a cool refreshing sip.

Stick to tap water (or WaterFillz):

1.   It's free!
2.   Tap water is tested for contaminants everyday   bottled water isn't
3.   Reusable water bottles help reduce waste
4.   Most single-use plastic bottles contain toxins

Want to know more?

Need somewhere to refill on the run? Check out the Tap Map app or

Reduce your waste at home:

►   Use your blue bin and recycle as much as possible (
►   Purchase items with less packaging
►   Use your Sustainable KSA spork!
►   Compost – most municipalities offer composting now, use it!
►   Grow your own veggies – even a little patio can host a few veggies or greens
►   Check out our Move Out Resource Guide to help you get rid of unwanted items
►   Drop off used kitchen wares, linen, clothing and baby items at the drop boxes located on each campus! We'll donate them to Free Clothing BC.

Pack a waste free lunch:

►   Use reusable lunch containers for sandwiches, main dishes, fruits, vegetables, and treats
►   Bring along a cloth napkin and reusable cutlery (or a Sustainable KSA spork)
►   Drink from reusable drink containers / water bottles
►   Use a reusable lunch bag
►   Buy bulk items and repackage them into smaller reusable containers instead of buying single servings.

Volunteer with START to be involved with sustainability events and activities at KPU!

Battery Recycling

Batteries are everywhere in modern life – in our phones, remotes, gaming devices and flashlights. Millions of batteries are used and disposed of each year. In British Columbia, personal use batteries are considered 'household hazardous waste' and cannot be put into the landfill. Decomposing batteries leach toxins and heavy metals which can contaminate soils and waterways.

At the KSA you can recycle single use and rechargeable batteries. Check here to confirm if your battery can be recycled with Call2Recycle.

Check online and see if your batteries are recyclable. Bring your batteries to the KSA and separate them into the following two categories:

1.   Non-Rechargeable Batteries (Alkaline batteries, AA, AAA, D, 9V, lantern batteries). No extra packaging is required. Put these batteries directly into the battery recycling box.

2.   Rechargeable Batteries (Cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, electronic batteries, cordless hand-tool batteries) and Lithium Primary Batteries (Button batteries, camera batteries). Please put each of these batteries in their own plastic bag and place them into the collection box!

The KSA recycles batteries through Call2Recycle – a national organization certified to safely recycle batteries and cellphones.

Watch this video to find out how the batteries are recycled:

Curious about British Columbia's role in battery recycling – look at these stats!

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